5 Reasons You Need An Automatic Car Starter This Winter

déc. 15, 15 11:06 Blog Posts, Remote Starters

car starter laval

Anyone who lives in a place that experiences the harsh brutal winds, biting ice and snow not to mention the plummeting frigid temperatures that Old Man Winter brings can surely attest that it is an unpleasant fact of life to go from the cozy warm indoors of home or work into a freezing cold car. […]

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Advantages of Getting an Automatic Car Starter Installed Before the winter

oct. 30, 15 9:23 Blog Posts, Remote Starters

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Cold temperatures can damage cars faster than most people realize, as car batteries can easily die when the car is parked during cold weather. This is because car batteries can not tolerate the lowest temperatures which occur during winter. Freezing cold winters cause the voltage to be pulled from a battery, making it harder for […]

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How Tinted Windows Can Protect You From the Heat and Harmful UV rays

sept. 4, 15 6:50 Blog Posts, Window Tinting Laval

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Window tints protect your skin Protecting your skin is important when you are outside and it’s no different than when you are inside of your car. The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate through the side windows as well as the front windshield of your vehicle. The bright sun can harm your eyes which are […]

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Window Tints Not Only Look Great, they can Save You Money

févr. 18, 15 9:30 Window Tinting Laval

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Window tinting is not just something that makes your car, truck, SUV or crossover look good from the outside, it can help keep your interior looking and feeling good. UV rays are just as damaging to your vehicle as they are to humans, so the simple addition of window tint can keep out the harmful […]

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