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5 Reasons You Need An Automatic Car Starter This Winter

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Anyone who lives in a place that experiences the harsh brutal winds, biting ice and snow not to mention the plummeting frigid temperatures that Old Man Winter brings can surely attest that it is an unpleasant fact of life to go from the cozy warm indoors of home or work into a freezing cold car. Walking quickly as you wrap your coat around your body, hat and gloves on, only to get into the car and spend another 15 minutes sitting on a cold seat, trying desperately to melt the ice off the windows only to begrudgingly get out and spend another 10 minutes scraping the frost off the windows. Sounds like a joy, doesn’t it? But believe it or not, you can have a much better winter by avoiding the extreme cold and pain when entering your car. An automatic car starter is the answer to your predicament. If you are look for a car starter in Laval, Quebec, we can help. Why should you consider an automatic car starter this winter? Here are 5 compelling reasons: car starter laval

 Car Starters in Laval

  • The number one reason people chose to buy a car starter is for comfort! Jumping into a warm car, seats and steering wheel already warm, make for a much cozier ride to work or school. No more frozen dragon breath, shivering to get warm, or waiting for the heat to eventually start circulating. You may even reach your destination without the car ever thawing out. Who needs that?
  • A warm car allows the engine parts to move together more efficiently. The warm engine allows for better lubrication, adding longevity to your automobile’s years. It’s important to protect your investment so you may enjoy your car for many years to come.
  • Your car performs better when it is warmed up. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of attempting to accelerate onto the highway, only to have your car turn sluggish and buck, causing others to honk at you as you slowly attempt to merge with the traffic. Avoid this embarrassment and aggravation by having an automatic car starter installed.
  • Safety- I think most car owners can attest that when they are in a rush and running late for work they don’t take the time to properly remove the ice and snow from the windows. They may attempt to drive through a small face sized hole in the windshield. But what about having a clear view through the back window and mirrors? It’s an accident waiting to happen. With an automatic car starter, the window frost melts off as the car warms up, saving you time and allowing for safer driving conditions. Additionally, the system resets when the brakes are pumped. The engine will shut off and will not start without a key. This deters thieves from driving away with your car.
  • They make a great gift for someone. Car starters are not something most people think of buying for themselves. But, what a great and thoughtful gift to give (or receive) especially before the harsh winter arrives.

remote car starter installation

 Remote Car Starter Installation

Automatic car starters are worth the investment. Not only do they ensure a comfortable ride during frigid temperatures, they are safe, protect you car engine, and they make a great gift. How can you pass that up?

Advantages of Getting an Automatic Car Starter Installed Before the winter

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Cold temperatures can damage cars faster than most people realize, as car batteries can easily die when the car is parked during cold weather. This is because car batteries can not tolerate the lowest temperatures which occur during winter. Freezing cold winters cause the voltage to be pulled from a battery, making it harder for the car engine to start up.

A car battery can withstand cold weathers and last up for at least three years, but if the owner does not have his car checked regularly especially during the cold season, it is probable that the battery will not last as long as it should. As temperatures drop during winter, your cars transmission, a mechanism that allows the car to change gears, becomes heavier.

The benefits of an automatic car starter

These are only a few things which can cause damage to cars during winter, regardless of your cars size or its price. It is always best to take safety precautions to prevent these things from happening. Aside from having a car regularly checked and serviced during winter, most companies also recommend investing in having an automatic car starter installed before winter begins. car starter installation It is a practical way to start your engine automatically on a cold winters day, so by having an automatic car starter installed in your car, you enjoy the benefits which this will bring you.

Using a car starter remotely

A remote car starter is a device used to warm up the engine of a car before it is used. It commonly has two different types. A one-way starter and a two-way starter. A one-way automatic car starter simply allows the driver to turn on his car using the car remote control while the two-way starter allows the driver and the car itself to exchange information. remote car starter A nice feature of the two-way automatic car starter is that it informs the person when the car’s engine is running already, or if the car doors are locked or mistakenly lift rolled down.

An automatic car starter saves time

Having an automatic car starter installed in your car before winter arrives helps you to get rid of the hassle of having to get one installed right when winter hits and you need it the most, as opposed to having it pre-installed and ready even before you have a need to use it. An automatic car starter may also be purchased cheaper during the summer season, when it is not yet cold and more expensive during the peak season. need car starter This helps drivers purchase a model which they like but at a slightly lower price point. This gives them the opportunity to save money while getting a product with the same promised quality. An automatic car starter is practical and convenient on its own, but it is best to have it installed sooner than later, thus saving you time and money, and having you ready and prepared for winter.

How Tinted Windows Can Protect You From the Heat and Harmful UV rays

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Window tints protect your skin

Protecting your skin is important when you are outside and it’s no different than when you are inside of your car. The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate through the side windows as well as the front windshield of your vehicle. The bright sun can harm your eyes which are a contributing factor in developing cataracts. The Skin Cancer Council has recently recommended that all vehicles be fitted with glare reducing tinted windows, as studies have shown cars which are tinted offer better protection to people inside of them compared to those that are not. TechTeinte offers window tinting in Laval, for individuals and dealerships. tinted windows laval Did you know that children and newborn babies skin is sensitive to harmful sun rays? Their soft skin can burn easily so this is just another reason why tinting your car windows saves you money and benefits you by looking after your family’s health. It’s a true fact that every day more and more teenagers and young adults are being diagnosed with various different types of skin cancers. Unfortunately, this means that there has been a surge in the reported cases of the worst form of skin cancer which is known as melanoma. Your family when outside can wear sunscreen and stay in the shade but this is not an option while travelling inside of a car. Tinting your windows helps cut down on harmful sun rays penetrating your vehicle’s interior and protects your loved ones. The sun’s UV radiation goes straight through a glass and is not stopped, but by tinting your vehicle’s windows you can effectively reduce the strength of the rays along with cancer causing ultraviolet radiation. Window tinting film halts almost 100 percent of harmful UV rays while ensuring you don’t lose any visibility while driving your car. Keep in mind though, that even with tinted windows, be sure to keep them up and not rolled down as you won’t be protected.

Car windshield and UV protection

When driving your car you can wear sunglasses and protect your eyes but you can’t protect your skin from the harsh sun rays which penetrate your vehicle. By allowing professional window tinter’s to put a protective film over your cars windows especially including your windshield, you are able to reduce and cut down the glare from the hot sun. Being directly exposed to direct sun UV rays isn’t a good idea and is harmful to your loved ones, especially young children in your car. Professional tinting ensures that your skin is protected while you are driving in direct sunlight and reduces the exposure of your skin to sunburn. vitre teinté

Tinted windows reduce interior car heat

Tinting your windows especially your front windshield helps to cut down glare from the sun on a hot summers day. It also helps your car retain air-conditioning and assists with stopping cool air evaporation. Finally tinting your car windows help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, whilst you are inside the car and driving outside. Did you know that professional car window tinting films deliver energy savings and protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays? By tinting your car, you can look forward to a comfortable interior, reduced glare, as well as stopping the seats from fading. When getting your vehicle windows tinted always be sure to use an installation company that offers a seal of approval. Hear at Tech Teinte, we offer a lifetime warranty on all tint jobs.

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