Engraving & Tag

What is engraving?

Engraving is the marking of any vehicle’s parts, new or used, such as car, boat, Motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, etc..
Marking is a great way to minimize the risk of theft.
The engraving techniques by acid eliminate the risk of damage caused by sand engraving.

Specialized engraving equipment are used for each type of vehicle and equipment, including industrial equipment
A maximum of 50 + pieces engraved by vehicle. The vehicle is marked by stickers to evade thieves. An anti-theft certificate is issued that is accredited by a majority of Quebec insurers and entitles you to insurance discounts
In case of theft:
The Expertise Centre (Department of Police in charge of thefts) is immediately notified of the theft.
A theft notification is sent to each member of the ARPAC1.


Unlike traditional vehicle tracking systems on the market today, Tag does not require to be hard-wired to your vehicle’s electrical system, the Tag System cannot be jammed, and is nearly impossible to remove – it’s like trying to find several needles in a hay-stack!

Choosing to Tag your vehicle not only means that you have purchased the world’s best vehicle protection system on the market, but that you are investing in your peace of mind.
Go ahead, park your car at the shopping centre, the movies or your favourite restaurant.
Your vehicle is safe with us.