How Tinted Windows Can Protect You From the Heat and Harmful UV rays

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Window tints protect your skin

Protecting your skin is important when you are outside and it’s no different than when you are inside of your car. The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate through the side windows as well as the front windshield of your vehicle. The bright sun can harm your eyes which are a contributing factor in developing cataracts. The Skin Cancer Council has recently recommended that all vehicles be fitted with glare reducing tinted windows, as studies have shown cars which are tinted offer better protection to people inside of them compared to those that are not. TechTeinte offers window tinting in Laval, for individuals and dealerships. tinted windows laval Did you know that children and newborn babies skin is sensitive to harmful sun rays? Their soft skin can burn easily so this is just another reason why tinting your car windows saves you money and benefits you by looking after your family’s health. It’s a true fact that every day more and more teenagers and young adults are being diagnosed with various different types of skin cancers. Unfortunately, this means that there has been a surge in the reported cases of the worst form of skin cancer which is known as melanoma. Your family when outside can wear sunscreen and stay in the shade but this is not an option while travelling inside of a car. Tinting your windows helps cut down on harmful sun rays penetrating your vehicle’s interior and protects your loved ones. The sun’s UV radiation goes straight through a glass and is not stopped, but by tinting your vehicle’s windows you can effectively reduce the strength of the rays along with cancer causing ultraviolet radiation. Window tinting film halts almost 100 percent of harmful UV rays while ensuring you don’t lose any visibility while driving your car. Keep in mind though, that even with tinted windows, be sure to keep them up and not rolled down as you won’t be protected.

Car windshield and UV protection

When driving your car you can wear sunglasses and protect your eyes but you can’t protect your skin from the harsh sun rays which penetrate your vehicle. By allowing professional window tinter’s to put a protective film over your cars windows especially including your windshield, you are able to reduce and cut down the glare from the hot sun. Being directly exposed to direct sun UV rays isn’t a good idea and is harmful to your loved ones, especially young children in your car. Professional tinting ensures that your skin is protected while you are driving in direct sunlight and reduces the exposure of your skin to sunburn. vitre teinté

Tinted windows reduce interior car heat

Tinting your windows especially your front windshield helps to cut down glare from the sun on a hot summers day. It also helps your car retain air-conditioning and assists with stopping cool air evaporation. Finally tinting your car windows help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, whilst you are inside the car and driving outside. Did you know that professional car window tinting films deliver energy savings and protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays? By tinting your car, you can look forward to a comfortable interior, reduced glare, as well as stopping the seats from fading. When getting your vehicle windows tinted always be sure to use an installation company that offers a seal of approval. Hear at Tech Teinte, we offer a lifetime warranty on all tint jobs.

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